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Your Process

We all look at property differently from the bricks and mortar to how we like to buy. We're here to help in every way we can to suit you in your process. Below you'll find a selection of options available to you when working with us.


Everything you need to ensure a successful and informed experience when purchasing a property abroad. Our team provides expert consultation to understand the essentials and desirables for your property purchase journey, working closely with you to make sure you are informed about processes, budgetary considerations, and timescales.

Property Inspection Trip

We offer a comprehensive property inspection service to our clients looking to purchase overseas. We arrange for you to visit the development(s) you are interested in, where you will be accommodated for up to 3 days. This will provide you with the opportunity to experience the surrounding area and get a true feel for the property. As an added bonus, if you decide to purchase the property, we'll even reimburse your flights up to £400!

Legal Referral

We understand that the legal aspect of purchasing overseas can be daunting, which is why we make sure to provide our customers with the best legal services. We work with a team of experienced and qualified English speaking solicitors who can provide advice and assistance throughout the process to ensure a smooth and secure experience. Whilst our solicitors are UK qualified, they are also familiar with the local laws and regulations, so you can have peace of mind when buying abroad.

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