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Discovering Bliss in North Cyprus: A Retirement Oasis for UK Expats

Retirement is often referred to as the golden phase of life — a time to explore new horizons, embark on fresh adventures, and bask in the joys of leisure. For countless retirees from the UK, North Cyprus has emerged as an idyllic destination to spend their golden years. In this blog post, we share the story of a retired couple who found their happiness in North Cyprus and how this enchanting Mediterranean paradise enabled them to experience a truly fulfilling retirement.

A group of retirees enjoying drinks at a restaurant by the sea
Jayne & Simon with Friends

A Tranquil Haven amidst Natural Splendour

North Cyprus, nestled in the eastern Mediterranean, boasts breathtaking landscapes with azure coastlines, rugged mountains, and verdant valleys. The mesmerising beauty of this region is a haven for nature lovers, providing a backdrop of serenity and tranquility that is truly unparalleled. Our retired couple, Simon and Jayne, found solace in the stunning natural scenery that surrounded them, and the sense of peace it brought to their daily lives.

Mild Mediterranean Climate

One of the many reasons North Cyprus captured Simon and Jayne's hearts was its mild Mediterranean climate. The region enjoys over 300 days of sunshine annually, coupled with mild winters and warm summers. This pleasant weather allows retirees to fully relish outdoor activities such as leisurely strolls, gardening, or simply savouring a cup of coffee on the terrace, basking in the gentle sunlight…or in Simon’s case…playing tennis!

The climate has a positive impact on both physical and mental wellbeing, helping retirees to embrace an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Jayne said “you do notice the colder weather in the UK more and more as you get older. It affects your mood, your mobility a bit and just generally how you feel in the day to day. We all know what it’s like longing for that holiday every year. Now though, we do far more being in the sun, as we’ve got more energy and frankly when it’s so nice out there’s more to do. You don’t get the same ‘need a holiday’ urge at all and with the flights being so cheap it’s easy to pop home and see family when we want.”

Affordable Cost of Living

Retirement often comes with financial considerations, and North Cyprus offers an enticing advantage in this regard. The cost of living in this region is notably lower than in the UK, allowing retirees to stretch their pensions further and enjoy a higher standard of living. Whether it's housing, healthcare, or everyday expenses, Simon and Jayne found that their budget went a long way, affording them the opportunity to indulge in the activities they love without financial strain.

Simon recalled “one of the biggest things that pushed us to make the jump was working out that I could effectively retire 9 years earlier, so it became a bit of a no brainer.”

Warm and Welcoming Community

Moving to a new country can be a daunting prospect, but the warmth and hospitality of the Cypriot people quickly put Simon and Jayne's worries at ease. North Cyprus has a close-knit community of expats from various countries, making it easy for retirees to forge new friendships and create a support system. The locals are known for their friendliness, ensuring newbies to the island feel welcome and integrated into the community from the start. This sense of belonging played a significant role in their overall happiness on the island.

Jayne said “we’re not really the stereotypical ‘Brits abroad’ type, as we like to go out and explore what’s going on locally but we do know we can find expat communities very easily too, which still gives a sense of reassurance. Either way there’s the best of both worlds.”

Healthcare and Safety

As retirement brings a higher focus on health, access to quality healthcare becomes paramount. North Cyprus boasts a modern healthcare system that provides comprehensive medical services to residents and expats alike. Simon and Jayne discovered that the region's healthcare facilities are of a high standard, with well trained doctors and medical staff. Additionally, North Cyprus is renowned for its low crime rates, creating a safe and secure environment for retirees to live worry free.

Simon said “it’s ironic when it comes to all things health services, as we get seen quicker and get a better service now from the healthcare professionals that we would have been seeing in the UK if they weren’t leaving the NHS, which as we all know is strained to say the least.”

A Tapestry of Culture and History

North Cyprus is a treasure trove of culture and history, with a rich tapestry of influences from ancient civilisations to more recent times. The region offers a multitude of historical sites, charming villages, and vibrant festivals, allowing retirees to immerse themselves in the local culture and engage in various cultural activities. Exploring the island's fascinating past becomes a fulfilling hobby, adding depth and enrichment to retirement years.

Jayne said “whether it’s old towns or fishing villages, beaches or the mountains, there’s always something going on, which we love. And there’s nothing stopping you going across to the south of the island and beyond to explore too, as it’s a real gateway to Europe and the Middle East here.”


Simon and Jayne's journey to North Cyprus exemplifies the countless retirees who have found solace and contentment in this enchanting Mediterranean paradise. The region's awe-inspiring landscapes, mild climate, affordable cost of living, warm community, excellent healthcare, and rich cultural heritage combine to create an idyllic retirement haven.

If a Mediterranean retirement sounds like it could be for you then check out our latest properties at Beyond Borders here or get in touch, as we would love to help.

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