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Addressing Misconceptions about Land Ownership in North Cyprus 💭🌱

📢 Let's clear up a common misconception regarding land ownership in Northern Cyprus

❌ Claim: "If there's a peace settlement between the north (TRNC) and the south (RoC), all the land will go back to their previous owners from the 70's."

🌟 Reality: While it's important to acknowledge historical context, it's crucial to understand that land ownership matters in North Cyprus are more complex than a blanket statement.

Here's what you need to know:

1️⃣ Pre-74 Turkish Title Deeds:

TRNC recognizes the "Pre-74 Turkish Title Deeds" system, which grants legal ownership rights to properties owned by Turkish Cypriots prior to 1974. These properties are not subject to restitution or redistribution.

2️⃣ TRNC Exchange Title Deeds:

The property exchange process, established to address the complexities resulting from the division of the island, has led to the creation of "TRNC Exchange Title Deeds." These properties are legally recognized and provide secure ownership rights.

3️⃣ Immovable Property Commission (IPC):

The IPC was established to resolve property disputes and provide fair compensation to claimants for properties they had to leave behind during the events of 1974.

4️⃣ Protection of Ownership Rights:

TRNC has implemented laws to protect property rights, including those of foreign investors. The government is committed to ensuring a secure and stable environment for property owners.

(Fun Fact: Much of Cypriot law is based on English law)

A man in a high end residential resort with a pool and sun loungers
Island Dreams Project in Tatlisu

📚 It's essential to have a nuanced understanding of the situation. TRNC has established legal frameworks to safeguard property rights and ensure a transparent and just system for land ownership.

In our view, 50 years is a long time in geopolitics, so it’s no surprise that both the north and the south have moved on to embrace tourism and the commercial opportunities that exist on this wonderful island.

🌍✨ We would appeal to anyone with concerns of the dated narrative about safety, to visit the island! Cyprus beckons you with open arms, inviting you to experience its undeniable charm and rich history. Don't let the divide between the north and south discourage you from visiting this mesmerising island. Discover the warm hospitality, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture that unite both sides. Immerse yourself in the unique blend of Greek and Turkish influences, indulge in mouthwatering cuisine, and bask in the Mediterranean sun. Cyprus is a testament to the resilience and harmony that can be found in the face of diversity. Come and witness the magic of this captivating destination that transcends borders, and let your worries fade away in the embrace of its captivating beauty!

A marine with several apartment blocks behind and boats in the foreground
Wellness Project in Gaziveren

At Beyond Borders Property, we work with UK qualified and English speaking solicitors to ensure buyers are safeguarded in any property transaction and have peace of mind in the process. If we can assist you with any thoughts you might be having about buying in Cyprus, we’d love to help.


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