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The Holiday & Financial Advantage of Buying Property in North Cyprus

In recent years, the property market in North Cyprus has attracted the attention of international investors seeking a unique opportunity for both personal enjoyment and financial gain. This case study explores the financial advantages of purchasing a property in North Cyprus compared to the traditional approach of going on holiday. We will analyse how owning a property can offer a cost-effective solution by providing a holiday retreat, generating rental income, and potentially yielding capital gains over time.

Castle with a moat and a boat
Kyrenia Castle

Case Study: A Smart Investment in North Cyprus Real Estate

1. Holiday Retreat

Meet Sarah, a travel enthusiast who loves exploring new destinations and enjoys spending quality time with her family during holidays. Sarah used to spend a significant portion of her budget on accommodation, making holidays a costly affair. After conducting thorough research, Sarah decided to invest in a property in North Cyprus, considering its captivating beauty and affordable real estate options.

By purchasing a property, Sarah now has a dedicated holiday retreat in North Cyprus. She no longer worries about booking accommodation or rising hotel costs during peak travel seasons. Owning a property offers her the freedom to visit anytime, allowing her family to enjoy comfortable and personalised holidays while significantly reducing accommodation expenses.

Purchase Price: £100,000 in June 2021

2. Rental Income

One of the significant advantages of owning a property in North Cyprus is the potential to generate rental income. Sarah realised that when she is not using her property, she could rent it out to other holidaymakers, enabling her to offset her property expenses and even earn additional income.

Sarah was able to market her property easily with the developer that she bought her property from but also had the option to use online rental platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo to advertise her property to a global audience herself for an even greater yield if she wanted. The high demand for vacation rentals in North Cyprus, coupled with competitive rental rates, ensured a steady stream of rental bookings throughout the year. The rental income she generated not only covered her property expenses but also provided her with extra funds to plan holidays elsewhere.

Average Annual Rent: £8,000

Average Annual Expenses: £1,000

Average Annual Profit: £7,000

3. Capital Appreciation

As time passed, Sarah witnessed the positive impact of her investment in North Cyprus. The property market in the region experienced steady growth, leading to an increase in property values over time. The surge in demand from both international buyers and local investors contributed to the appreciation of property prices.

Sarah’s property witnessed substantial capital gains over two years, further enhancing the financial benefits of her investment. The property's value appreciation serves as a potential long-term financial asset that she can leverage whenever she desires, offering her the flexibility to secure her financial future or explore new investment opportunities.

Value Today: £145,000 in May 2023

Paper Gain: £45,000

Lady at the beach and sun loungers and pool with apartments

Sarah’s case study demonstrates the numerous financial advantages of buying property in North Cyprus compared to conventional holidaying. By investing in a property, Sarah transformed her vacations into a cost-effective solution. She now enjoys a dedicated holiday retreat, generates rental income to fund holidays elsewhere, and benefits from potential capital gains over time.

While the specifics of each investment will vary, North Cyprus offers a unique combination of scenic beauty, affordable real estate, high rental demand, and a growing market that presents an attractive investment opportunity. Prospective buyers should conduct thorough research, consult with property professionals, and consider their personal goals and financial situation before making any investment decisions. Beyond Borders Property can help you every step of the way, contact us for further information.


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